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Dave is the owner of Bristols and specialises in the building and assembly of wooden bodies in vintage and veteran cars, the detailed and specialised upholstery of cars, and all facets of the auto restoration process. Dave really is an exceptional craftsman and is capable of anything! He has literally worked on hundreds of cars over the years, turning piles of junk into works of art. The level of perfectionism in his work is outstanding and truly needs to be seen to be believed.


Neale specialises in the building of rare and exotic engines and all mechanical components. His knowledge and experience of vintage engines is probably the best in New Zealand. He has worked on almost all makes and models of vintage cars brought to New Zealand, making his specialised knowledge second-to none.


Damon is our main technician for the front of house workshop. His backround and knowledge of Toyota is as good as it gets. Damon was the service technician for a Toyota dealership for many years and his knowledge of modern cars is exceptional.


Adam is specialised in the meticulous assembly work involved in car restoration. His knowledge and experience in this area is unmatched. Adam has rebuilt and reassembled concourse show cars and high performance classic muscle cars, and has an exceptional work ethic in that no car leaves the garage without being perfect. Not many garages offer that as a standard service!


Cy is a part time mechanic that has been working for Bristols over the last two years. He has gained knowledge and experience in all types of vehicles including Toyota. Cy is one of those technicians who won't let a job beat him. In fact, none of us at Bristols do. Cy loves a challenge and has the patience to work problem cars out and be happy with the result.