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At Bristols' Upper Hutt workshop can fix any problem with any car, of any year or model.

We also offer standard services, such as a WOF or a transmission flush. Here are some of the services we offer. If you don't see it on the list, contact us.

Aircon Treatment $87.89 incl GST  
Transmission Flush (includes 8 litres of ATF fluid)
From $244.72 incl GST
Power Steering Flush
$115.92 incl GST
Diagnostic Health Check
From $23.00 incl GST
Brake Disc Machining and Brake Service
From $99 incl GST
WOF: Car, Trailer, Caravan
$55 incl GST
Car Transporting Trailer Hire
$80 incl GST (per day)
Automotive and Domestic Furniture Upholstery