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Bristols offers three service plans:

[#1 and #2] $99 incl GST

[#1 - #30] $280 incl GST
* recommended

[#1 - #40] $360 incl GST

  1. Change engine oil
  2. Change oil filter
  3. Road test, check for abnormal noises and faults
  4. Lubricate door locks and hinges
  5. Check front and rear wiper blades
  6. Check spare wheel pressure
  7. Check underneath car body for damage (on hoist)
  8. Check/top up brake fluid
  9. Check/top up clutch fluid
  10. Test battery
  11. Check/top up power steering fluid
  12. Check/top up power wiper washer fluid
  13. Check visible drive belts
  14. Remove spark plugs and check
  15. Remove and check air filter, clean and refit
  16. Check/top up gear box/transmission oil
  17. Check/top up diff/transaxle oil
  18. Check and adjust tyre pressures
  19. Test coolant condition and level
  20. Full diagnostic check (using Snap On Scan tool)
  21. Add Wynns engine oil flush
  22. Check CV boots
  23. Check steering rack boots
  24. Polish tyres
  25. Check washer jet aim
  26. Visual check of brakes/tyres (wheels on)
  27. Test headlights and front indicators
  28. Test brake lights, tail lights and rear indicators
  29. Clean and adjust brakes (if required)
  30. Test brake fluid condition
  31. Check fuel filter
  32. Check underbody fuel and brake hoses/lines
  33. Remove wheels, check suspension
  34. Instrument check
  35. Add Wynns fuel system cleaner
  36. Check exhaust system
  37. Grease and lubricate all greased points
  38. Remove and rotate wheels (if required)
  39. Check charging system output
  40. Windscreen clean and check for damage