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Bristols have over 95 years of experience  in maintaining, restoring and servicing all makes and models of vintage, veteran, classic and muscle cars.

Over the time that Bristols Restoration have been in business, they have completed restorations on many cars, many of which were dug up, found derelict in barns or found as a collection of bits in a box.  Our claim to fame is the number of high-end, luxury cars which we regularly work on – including Bentley, Mercedes, Rolls Royce, Aston Martin, Bugatti and Hispano-Suiza to name a few. 

cars being restored

Neale, Adam and Dave are capable of turning a pile of bits into a work of art, many of the cars they have completed have become concourse, show cars and extremely collectable.

Between them, any restoration job is possible.  The restoration business is rapidly expanding and we are heavily invested in the on-going training of staff. Rick is also involved in the restoration business and already demonstrating his aptitude for this area of the workshop.

Bristols are the exception in garages – they also regularly source and find parts from overseas.  Dave invests a lot of time in researching overseas suppliers and finding unusual or rare parts which no one else can.

cars being restored

Between Dave, Neale, Damon, Rick, Adam and Cy, Bristols are unlike any other garage in Wellington.  We really are automotive specialists. 

Come in and meet the team, we are only too happy to talk with you about your car.