1937 Squire


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This is one of only seven Squires built. This car was the second to last car and one of only two 4-seater cars.

The car came to us for a major engine and transmission overhaul and rework of the scuttle, windscreen frame, dash plus much more.

Over an 18 month period, we re-designed and made a new dash as per original including making new knobs and dials.  A completely new 2-piece windscreen frame and side pillars were also made.  A completely new alloy scuttle and firewall was made including new floors.  The car has virtually been rebuilt from the doors forward.

The engine was in a terrible state with cracks in the block and completely rotted out sleeves.  The cam gears and supercharger were worn out and had to be remade.  New cams, pikstons and all bolts were remade.

We managed to repair and rebuild the original block despite being told it was not repairable by others.

Since the rebuild, the vehicle has travelled many miles without any issues.

The gearbox is a pre-select gearbox which was also giving trouble with harsh changing.  We stripped the gearbox, rebuilt it and reset it to change smoothly.

We at Bristols love the challenge of rebuilding the unusual and obscure engines in some of the early motoring cars and this was no exception to the rule.