1946 Chevrolet 1/2 Ton Truck


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This truck came in for a WOF appraisal.  We very quickly discovered the truck was completely worn out to the point that the rivets were all loose in the chassis.

The truck was completely stripped down to a bare chassis and re-riveted.  We then carefully rebuilt and restored every single component on the truck to as good as new.  The truck was a work in progress for a few years but now is probably the best 46 Chev truck in the country.  Most importantly, the owner is very pleased.

After the chassis was rebuilt, we metal-finished the complete body, guards to wellside.  After the many parts were pointed, the truck had every bolt on point restored.  The upholstery completely redone, all and new parts where possible.  This truck was one of the nicest projects we had worked on.

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