1949 Vauxhall Velox Calleche


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This vehicle, as you can see by the pictures, was just a big pile of bits on a trailer. The car had been taken apart many years ago and parts scattered everywhere. Once all the parts were collected the slow job of piecing it together to see what is there and what is missing was done.

Once the car was assembled the restoration process began. The car was completely stripped down with the chassis and mechanical parts done first. Every piece of the mechanicals was completely rebuilt. The body was stripped down and wood repairs done where needed. Fitment of panels all checked and made right and then repainted. Once repainted the body went back on the chassis and started to reassemble the restored parts.

The last stage was the upholstery which we completely remade new seat spring units as per originals. The seats were all done in leather and door trims and panels to correct original patterns. The roof and side curtains were the last thing to do which set the car off perfect.

The car now lives in the Wairarapa and gets driven often.