1960 Aston Martin DB4


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The beautiful car came into our shop after sitting for many years.

We stripped the brakes to find they needed a complete overhaul.

We then stripped the cooling system to find the radiator and cooling system was solid with green slime.

The engine had not been running for many years so it was decided to inspect carefully before trying to start it. Once the plugs were out and we could see inside the engine with our camera, we found the bores were all rusty and pitted. At this point it was decided to remove the engine and strip.

Once the engine was out and stripped we found he engine block had 7 major cracks and was eaten away by corrosion. Another engine block had to be obtained from overseas which we then rebuilt.

The gearbox was rebuilt along with steering and suspension.

The interior was modified to suit to owner better and the paint repaired as needed.

The fuel system was stripped and cleaned out and the wiring tidied up. 

The car had been restored in England many years ago but a combination of sitting and work done previously turned this project into a major rebuild. The car was done for a customer in Melbourne. We took care of packing it in a container and sending it to him. I have recently visited him to see how the car is going and he is extremely happy.

Another satisfied customer.